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Le Marche property & real estate; italian houses & homes for sale

le marche propertyWhen you come and visit Villa San Raffaello and this wonderful part of Italy you are likely to be very reluctant to leave.

If you fall in love with Le Marche and fancy living the dolce vita, then we can provide you with all the help you need to find a Marche property, an idyillic hideaway house in the sun or new italian home and realise your dreams.

Marche property for sale

The Italians describe Le Marche as “all of Italy in one region” as it combines history and culture with dramatic mountains, rolling hills and the wonderful Adriatic coast.

Marche also has a vibrant economy, combining rich agricultural lands with fashion, shoemaking and new industries. In the past, tourism to Le Marche was traditionally for Italians who seem to have kept the area to themselves.

Well, now the secret’s out and the area’s beauty is becoming more widely appreciated. With 7 international airports within 3 hours Le Marche property is now increasing in demand.le marche villa sale

 Why the Macerata area of Le Marche?

Before buying and restoring our Le Marche Property, Villa San Raffaello, we searched the length and breadth of Le Marche and its fair to say that, wherever you decide to buy in Marche, it’s likely to be beautiful.

However; whilst this particular part of Le Marche around Sarnano offers the rolling hills and medieval villages it also has incredibly dramatic scenery, it’s next to the National Park and the Sibillini Mountains and has received special tourism awards for its beauty.

This part of Le Marche is an ideal position for houses in Le Marche as it has good communication links, the Spa, the ski resort and a variety of services available. Sarnano is also equi-distant from both Ancona and Pescara airports, is under 2 hours to Rimini and Perugia airports and under 3 to Rome and Bologna.

Free Advice

We are more than happy to provide our guests with free tips and advice on the do’s and don’ts of buying a Le Marche property in Italy and to share our experiences, both good and bad.

We are not estate agents but if you stay with us we are happy to put you in touch with all of the local real estate agencies or immobiliari.

Most of the Marche property agencies have English speaking staff, however, should you require a translator, we can accompany you on visits. Some of the Le Marche real estate agencies we have found most helpful are Terre Marchigiane,  Marche Property Sales and Marche Homes .

If you search, you will also find other sites such as Italy property sale FSBO where you can contact owners of private properties directly. Guests of Villa San Raffaello will also have free access to our Rebuild Estimator software; this enables you to forecast project costs, compare potential houses for sale and establish the true Value For Money of your Property Investment here in Le Marche.

Project Management

marche real estate for sale italyDamien has over 15 years project management experience including the 18 month rebuild of Marche Property Villa San Raffaello.

So, if you are staying with us and decide to buy a Le Marche house for sale that requires restoration or a rebuild, we can provide you with free tips on all aspects of the project.
Including costs, works, timescales, architectural planning and tendering through to management of contractors and suppliers.

We have also benchmarked most local costs to ensure that clients don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

We do not work as professional project managers instead we are just happy to share our experiences with our guests and help them identify and avoid  common mistakes.

Follow this link If you need a good builder or plasterer in Le Marche, we can highly recommend him and the quality and price of his work. If you are moving to Italy then try joining InterNations, it’s the biggest global networking site for expats of various nationalities and their family members.

At the moment, it unites more than 300,000 members in about 290 cities worldwide. On our platform, expatriates and their partners can connect with compatriots, ask for advice on everyday life in their host country, provide other members with useful tips, make new contacts and find information in our City Guides

How to buy property in Italymarche real estate property italy

If you are just starting out here is a page with some broad tips on Buying a property in Italy.

Visit this page for information on Italian Property conveyancing and the legal side of buying a house in Italy. If you wish to restore a project and manage it yourself or hire a project manager in Le Marche then read this guide to property restoration in Italy

If you have found the Ideal Le Marche property for sale here are some other tips on how to buy a property in Italy You may also want to consider time share or shared property ownership in Le Marche as a lower cost way of buying property in Italy. Once you own a house in Le Marche there are companies who offer a property maintenance and rental service for Le Marche properties

  • You can book appointments before you arrive here or take advantage of our wifi and book them upon arrival- we also offer long term rents upon application.
  • We recommend that you also search for Le Marche properties by looking for “Si Vende” signs on properties and asking around and looking for house for sale notices in bars.
  • Here is a list of Property Agents in the area:
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